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Enhancer RNA (eRNA) is a type of non-coding RNA transcribed from the region of the active enhancer. At present, increasing evidence shows that eRNAs play important roles in gene regulation and are associated with different traits and diseases. However, eRNA profiles in animals have not been fully recognized. To reveal the landscape of eRNA expression and eRNA relevance, we constructed the animal eRNA database (Animal-eRNAdb) using RNA-seq data from 5085 samples of 10 species, including chimp, rhesus, mouse, rat, sheep, chicken, frog, zebrafish, fruitfly and worm.

In Animal-eRNAdb, users can:

Query the eRNA expressions by selecting species, tissue, eRNA ID, genomic region and gene symbol or Ensembl gene ID.
Query trait-related eRNAs that are associated with age, gender in each tissue of each species.
Search transcription factors that are significantly associated with eRNAs in each tissue of each species.
Search target genes (within 1 MB) that may be regulated by eRNAs in each tissue of each species.
Browse sequence similarity of eRNAs in multiple species by entering eRNA ID or genomic region.
Download eRNA information across different tissues of different species.

Citation : Animal-eRNAdb: a comprehensive animal enhancer RNA database
Weiwei Jin† , Guanghui Jiang† , Yanbo Yang , Jianye Yang , Wenqian Yang , Dongyang Wang , Xiaohui Niu* , Rong Zhong* , Zhao Zhang* , Jing Gong*. Nucleic Acids Research.(2021)

Pan troglodytes
Macaca mulatta
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Ovis aries
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Tropical clawed frog
Danio rerio
Drosophila melanogaster
Caenorhabditis elegans
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